Thursday February 9th 2017  Henk Hulsman Capt. Ian Durham, Dave McKinley Alex Thompson

Thursday March 9th 2017  Grahame Miles Capt. Dick Jennings, Myffy Collette, Bernadette Milne

Thursday April 11th Ian Jennings Capt, John Bond, Don Dyce, Daryl Breust

Thursday May 11th 2017 Paul Weston Capt, John Nulty, Garth Perkin, Leslie Weston

Thursday June 8th 2017 Neil Munro Capt, Wayne Lewis, Leslie Weston, Mark Reardon

Thursday July 13th 2017, Grahame Miles Capt, John Bond, Dick Jennings, Daryl Breust

Thursday August 10th 2017, Paul Weston Capt, Myffy Collette, Rod Jarrett, Bernadette Milne

Thursday September 14th 2017, Henk Hulsman Capt, Dave McKinley, Wayne Lewis, Ivan Furner

Thursday October 12th 2017, Neil Munro Capt, Alex Thompson, Don Dyce, Dick Jennings

Thursday November 9th 2017, Ian Jennings Capt, Daryl Breust, Garth Perkin, John Nulty

Thursday December 14th 2017, Grahame Miles Capt, Bernadette Milne, Myffy Collette, John Bond

Thursday February 8th 2018, Henk Hulsman Capt, Rod Jarrett, Dick Jennings, Alex Thompson

Thursday March 8th 2018, Neil Munro Capt, Dave McKinley, Don Dyce, Leslie Weston




BINGO Instructions


  • * Buy a litre of milk for tea & coffee, have a float of $450 & collect key from Allawah Lodge main desk, preferably before 6pm, when they lock the front door. Please make sure key is returned after unlocking.

  • *Set up tables in hall with about 6 or 7 chairs around each;  also set up a table at back of the hall for people to put supper  they bring along when they arrive & another table for Bingo board to be supported on.

  • * Set up table at front entrance for selling Bingo ticket books,  raffle tickets, etc.

  • * A Bingo book is a small book (about  5cm high) of 20 different colour tickets & sells for $5.

  • * A jackpot sheet consists of a full sheet of one colour only & sells for $1 each sheet.

  • * Raffle tickets sell for $1 each  - sell some at front entrance and again at the supper intermission;  aim to sell at least 100 tickets in the night.  Cash prize equals the number of people participating.

  • * In kitchen, set up the urn, almost full with water, near the servery window;  set temp. about halfway & check water temperature near  half-time.   Set up about 15 coffee mugs & 15 cups & saucers for tea.  There should be enough tea, coffee & sugar in the plastic crate;  check there is enough there for next month at end of night.      Also set up small side plates on table at back of hall, for people to put their cakes & sandwiches on when they arrive.

  • *  at end of night please make sure lights & air conditioning are turned off.  Lock front doors from inside & escape through the kitchen door.