Community Day 2011

Community Day Markets at the Up-to-Date Store 2011

The Coolamon Up-to-date Store and Coolamon Rotary conducted their 3rd Annual Community Day Markets on Sunday 17th April 2011. The stands carried excellent quality produce and merchandise. There was a steady stream of traffic throughout the day with a big spike just after church.

Both committees worked hard towards this annual event to make it a success and sustainable into the future. Received several wonderful compliments on the quality of produce and of course on the venue.

See the photographs below for some of the atmosphere during these markets.  There is also a photo or two of the Lamson Cash Conveyance System below.

The Lamson Cash Conveyance System is a significant feature of retail history. Installed in the Coolamon Up-To-Date Store during the early years of Lamson's entry onto the Australian retail stage, the Cash Conveyance System is an integral feature of the Store. The Lamson Cash Conveyance System focuses on the store owners' desire to have the very best in equipment in the newly constructed Up-To-Date Store. An agent for the Lamson System was first appointed in Australia in 1889. The installation of the system in the Store in the early 1900s, demonstrated the proprietors wish to be ‘most up-to-date’ in retail technology. Designed to solve the 'problem of women being less numerate than men’.

Lamson Cash Conveyance System

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