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Ambassadorial Scholar Megan MacDonald

8 April 2011

Megan MacDonald One of the joys of being a Rotarian is meeting other like minded people from around the world.  I first met Megan MacDonald at the Los Angleles International Convention.   Megan was going to study in Kenya for 12 months in Nairobi, my home town.  We have become friends ever since and I have […]

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The Rotarian On Line

6 April 2011

The Rotarian on line April is the Magazine Month. Beginning in July, The Rotarian will come out in digital format — in paperless form. See a preview now.

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Rotary International Director John Blount

5 April 2011

We tend to think as Rotarians in the club sphere that our leaders in Evanston are in another world.  However they are not and put it simply they are Rotarians like you and I.  We had the enormous pleasure of meeting one of the 17 people who make up the Rotary International board at Orange […]

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