Polio Plus

Read about some positive developments in the fight against polio:                 21st August 2010

.             {Taken from the Monthly Update from the Pakistan Polio Plus Division}.

On the Border – after a recent outbreak in neighboring Tajikistan, Afghan officials are trying new approaches to ensure that the polio virus doesn’t enter through the border. Six permanent polio immunization booths have been erected at border crossing checkpoints, where military personnel are immunizing children before they enter the country.  Drops are also being given in unlikely places, including at weddings, in female prisons, and on trains and buses.  Despite insecurity that has hindered access in some restricted areas, case counts have remained steady, with 13 polio cases reported this year, compared to 13 at the same time last year.

Horn of Africa
Celebrating One Year Polio Free –As of 30 July 2010, the Horn of Africa, including Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, has once again been declared polio-free after an outbreak in 2009 threatened that status. The last case of polio reported there was in July 2009.

Indian Rotarians Engage Muslim Leadership – Rotarians recently organized a meeting in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh to encourage the Muslim leadership to support polio eradication activities in the area.   Uttar Pradesh accounts for 10 of the 27 polio cases reported in India during 2010. The meeting resulted in a strengthening of relations between the Ulemas and Rotarians, and future meetings are being planned to continue the collaborative effort.

Nigeria receives high praise from African Union Leaders – At their summit in Kampala, Uganda, the African Union praised Nigeria’s efforts to eradicate polio.  As of 4 August 2010, Nigeria is reporting 6 polio cases compared to 365 at the same time last year. Dr Mohammed Pate, the Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) cited increased political engagement among all stakeholders as key to the dramatic success in reducing cases.

Polio cases have indicated an alarming rise from FATA & KPK region in the last 2 months. Total number of confirmed polio cases (as on 25th of August, 2010) = 43. Details are: 25 type-1 cases; 18 type-3 cases.

The Polio Plus Truck
Advertising on the side of a truck in Karachi

Above: Some images from Karachi showing publicity for the National Immunization Drive for Polio translated the board says:  ‘National Immunization Drive’ – Get rid of polio with two drops of polio vaccine for every child, every time.

Polio NID April 2009 at Area Manzari Cheen Bezai Mohmand Agency FATA Pakistan, by a former Rotarian of Rotary Club Peshawar D3270 Pakistan.