Coolamon Rotary Bulletin for April 2024

Above an ANZAC drawing by Si Dowling Art of a Kookaburra and a Kakapo. 


“The Coolamon RSL Sub Branch would like to extend its sincere appreciation to the communities of Coolamon, Marrar and District for the overwhelming support for the 2024 ANZAC Day Commemoration. The community turnout at both the Dawn Service and March exceeded expectations and keeps getting bigger each year. Thank you to the ADF personnel who participated, including the Cenotaph Guard from 1 Recruit Training Battalion, Kapooka, Staff and Students from RAAF School of Administration and Logistic Training at RAAF Wagga and visiting ADF Veterans. The support of the Murrumbidgee Lighthorse Troop, lead by Pat Leary who again made the ceremony extra special for us”.

Here are some photos from the Coolamon RSL Sub Branch and Chris & Joanne Berry from the Coolamon Fire Museum.

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Coolamon Rotary Bulletin for April 2024

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Meeting of Monday 29th April

Tonight being the 5th Monday of the month we had a social gathering in Marrar at Marrar Kitchens.


Tonight was a great night socially with a lot of banter and good fellowship.  There were 24 members out of our total membership of 30 attending.  We also had the pleasure of the company of 10 partners and one guest, Michael Suidgeest.  A great turnout and thanks to Grahame for getting it going.

Photo above by Scott Mudd–thank you Scott!

Many chiefs were seen organising the tables but few indians!  Once we had our seats and were happy with the table setting, we started talking and talking and that was good for our knowledge of each other outside of Rotary.

There was some Rotary business discussed but I doubt many heard!

Mary Potts invited all to the Biggest Morning Tea that Mary is holding at her home on Saturday May the 4th be with you!  Contact Mary for details.

The food by Michelle Seymour was delicious and for $20 per person great value.

The highlight of the evening, well one of them, was a challenge put up by Michael Suidgeest and Mary Potts.  Michael and Mary had found some old rusty tins in their quest to clean up Australia.  They asked for a $2 entry to guess what was inside one of the tins they found which obviously contained something, judging from the sound it made when they shook it.

There were many guesses put up from nails to marijuana and powdered milk, which is what it was.  The winner was Grahame Miles, who generously donated his winnings to the Christmas Party fund.

The other highlight was the Stetson donated by Garth Perkin for the 1st prize in the raffle.  This was won by Bondy with the second prize of a personal blood pressure monitor going to Daryl Breust.

Here are some photos below from the night, as always click on the image for a larger version:


N.B. You are always welcome to bring guests to most of our meetings,  just advise Ian Jennings if you want to bring a guest along when you respond to the weekly dinner roll call!

Saturday May 4th – Biggest Morning Tea. Mary Pott’s home in aid of the Cancer Council of Australia.


Monday May 6th – Regular Club Meeting. Coolamon Sport  Rec Club, 6.30 for 7.00 pm.

Tuesday May 7th to Friday May 10th – RYDA/Wagga Wagga. Volunteers needed for Friday May 10th. See Rotary News at the end of the bulletin on RYDA.

Saturday May 11th – Rotary Health Van visits Coolamon. Free health checks for anyone. Cowabbie Street, 9.30 am – 3.30 pm. Contact Garth Perkin for details on 0428 695 117.

Saturday May 11th – Ganmain Hall Saturday Night Special (see: Ganmain Hall May 11th)

Monday May 12th – Regular Club Meeting. Coolamon Sport  Rec Club, 6.30 for 7.00 pm.

Saturday May 18th – Mingle in the Garden & Gallery with Myffy celebrating her 80th journey around the sun and the 1st anniversary of Linda’s Lush Creative Galleries in Ganmain, 12-00pm to 5.00pm.  RSVP to Myffy by May 10th please.

Monday May 20th – Board of Directors meeting. Coolamon Sport  Rec Club, 5:15 pm.

*Monday May 20th – Polio Plus Tandem Bike Riders visit Coolamon. Coolamon Sport  Rec Club, 6.30 for 7.00 pm.

Saturday 25th – Wednesday 29th May 2024- Rotary 24 SINGAPORE Convention.


*Friday 25th – Sunday 27th October – D9705 Conference.  Mittagong RSL.  Bookings open now for early bird registrations:



Answers to the last puzzles:

Brain teaser: The next letter after the sequence OTTFFSS would be ‘E’ (the letters in the sequence are the first letters of the numbers 1 through 7 spelled out, which means the next number should be the first letter of ‘eight’.)

Puzzle in real life: What I received was a BLT on a hamburger bun. I was expecting to receive a hamburger topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato because the item was listed as a ‘BLT Burger’ and was described with the word ‘with’, which to me suggested that it was not just a BLT but a hamburger with BLT. When I queried the cook about it, I was told is was called a burger because it was served on a hamburger bun! It was a very good BLT, but I still think the word ‘with’ implied that it was more than a BLT.

This month’s puzzles: 

Brain teaser: A man was driving a truck. His lights were not on, the moon was not out, and there were no streetlights. Ahead of him, a woman was crossing the street. Fortunately, he was able to stop his truck in time to avoid hitting her. How was he able to see the woman?

Wordy one: What is special about the words in the following list, and what sets ‘facetious’ apart from the rest? BEHAVIOUR, EDUCATION, FACETIOUS, PNEUMONIA



N.B.  ALL of the above images were obtained from Facebook




Over the many years that we have been a Rotary club one of the highlights has always been taking part in Rotary’s Youth Exchange programme.

Our club helped to sponsor Jackson Wykes from Coolamon to Finland and here is one of Jackson’s detailed reports when he was in Finland.

Bring on winter in Finland!

Above Jackson “flying” in Finland.

Jackson Wykes, exchange student sponsored by the Rotary Club of Coolamon currently living in Finland

“Hello again everyone …….

I still cannot believe how fast the year is flying by. Who would think we only have three months to go! Writing this makes me think how I need to make the most of every moment that I have left of this exchange.

Not a great deal has happened the past three months. Summer holidays had to come to an end and I have returned to school. It was a bit strange to have to get into a routine again, like getting out of bed early, but it didn’t take me long to adjust. School has changed a lot since returning from the break. I am now in senior school and everyone is very studious and striving to do their best. I attend all my classes but probably distract others in the class as I know school is not counting towards anything for me. Recently my school had exams. I had to do the maths exam. I wouldn’t say I did great as it was all written in Finnish and my ability to read Finnish is not great and possibly I haven’t listened all that well in class!

I’m doing all the basic subjects at school. I do one Finnish class a week which is helping me with learning the language. This has been really hard as everyone just speaks English to me. I love spending time with my friends at school and in my free time.


Above: PP Daryl Breust and Jackson Wykes.


Some of you may know that my Father, George, was a Kiwi born in Napier in 1891, and served in the NZ Army at Gallipoli with the 1st Wellington Battalion.  In my Mother’s trunk there was this note with the explanation in Dad’s writing on the bottom is a description of what this money was to be used for when they reached Constantinople:

“This is the money with which troops landing on Gallipoli in April 1915 were paid.  The Arabic in Turkish characters were super-imposed so that when the British troops reached Constantinople the Turkish people would know the value of the paper money:

2nd. Lieutenant George J. Glassford.”


N.B. They never did reach Constantinople!






Chartered March 3rd, 1971; Sponsoring Club Narrandera Rotary Club

  • President: John Bond
  • President-Elect 2024-2025: Adrian Lindner
  • Secretary: Paul Weston
  • Treasurer: Mary Potts
  • Membership Director: Leslie Weston
  • Service Projects Director:  Adrian Lindner
  • Youth Services Director: Scott Mudd
  • Club Admin Director:  Henk Hulsman
  • Public Image Director: Grahame Miles
  • Sergeant @ Arms: Dick Jennings
  • Immediate Past President and Vice-President: Paul Weston
  • Bulletin Editors: Paul Weston and John Glassford
  • Webmaster: John Glassford