Characters you meet at a Rotary Convention

One of the most amazing chaps we met in Bangkok was this Indian gentleman and here is a description of him and his work. He is a Rotarian from the RC of Madras Midtown.

Here are the web sites he is involved in:

His business card is something else.

I quote a couple of things that he has on his card.

“Guess who I am?”

“People think of me whenever they see Muck and Garbage”

“Strangely my name is opposite to what you saw! It is sad that people don’t remember me when the see cleanliness”

“When you have Muck you need a Broomstick with broomstick in your hand you automatically get NIRMAL (meaning cleanliness) Appreciate my parents for the foresight of naming me Nirmal.”

I am Muck Broomstick Nirmal.

Dr. M. B. Nirmal.

We said in 1996 “Waste is not Waste until it is Wasted” and further on to say in 1998:

“It is not Waste management but Wealth management”

Our quotes “It is not TRASH but CASH”. It is not MUCK but LUCK” and it is not FILTH but WEALTH” brought fortune to hundreds who took our advice.

Waste made us popular than anybody & anything else.