Coolamon Rotary Bulletin #2122-22


Week of 29th. November



Dianne and Albert Suidgeest were our hosts for this year’s CRC Christmas party.  Our thanks to the Suidgeest’s’ for their hospitality and for all the work they and others put in to make the night a memorable one.  Special thanks to all those who brought a salad or a sweet or both.

34 members, partners and guests attended the gathering.  The garden is special and well worth a visit at the next open garden day.  It was also Albert’s birthday!

We all met down at “Lake Albert” where we had entrees prepared by Mary and Anne and went down well.  The first highlight of the night was the bogged Merc.  It took a bogged attempt by a 4-wheel to bring out the big guns: Albert and a long strap.  Eventually both bogged vehicles were free; thanks Albert and apologies for the ruts!

The meal, which included a whole lot of prawns and ham plus salads and sweets, was definitely another highlight of the evening.

Leo de Kroo, a well known Coolamon identity, then entertained us with a few Christmas songs, inviting those assembled to sing along and chiding us when we reflexively used the traditional words to Jingle Bells instead of those of the Aussie version! If for some reason you’re not familiar with the Aussie version of Jingle Bells, you can find it here in a video complete with bogan humour!  BTW, Leo is listed in Wikipedia.

BTW Chez did not catch anything!!!

We all had a great night of fellowship and friendship.



This Monday, being a fifth Monday, led Coolamon Rotarians to the Marrar Hotel for a social night.  Twenty-four members and guests attended the meeting.

So good to have a change of venue and catering.  The dinner was plentiful with two courses prepared by one of our members, Craig Lambert, who works at the Marrar Hotel.   After some great fellowship we sat down in the dining room and were entertained by Grahame Miles and Ian Jennings “singing” our old grace!  We now know why we have stopped singing grace! A good time was had by all.



Leslie and Paul Weston have had two foals during this week. Leslie writes:

23/11/21 – So pleased to welcome our new arrival Eva this morning…… to mum Zsa Zsa and dad Theo. Another beautiful bay filly from RQH Ala Natural and Time To Be Radical born at 5 am and running around by 8 am.

26/11/21 – So pleased with the safe arrival of Rosa on Saturday am! The first foal for mom Time To Be Stylish and first appaloosa foal for dad Potentially Lazy!! A lovely filly with big white blaze and one sock…she’s a pretty colour too… light bay or dark buckskin…. time will tell but she’s loping already!!!



Monday  6th December Regular Meeting. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7.00 pm.

Friday, 10th December – Catering breakfast and lunch at Ganmain dog show. Ganmain Showgrounds. 7 am – 2 pm.

Sunday, 12th December – Catering breakfast at Ganmain dog show. Ganmain Showgrounds, 7 – 10 am.

Monday, 13th December – Last meeting for 2021. Visit by Phil McIntosh and 3 members of the Wollundry RC 2022 Gears and Beers committee.  Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7.00 pm.

Friday, 31st December – New Year’s Eve Festival. Cowabbie Street, Coolamon (CRC food van).

Wednesday, 19th January 2022 – First Board Meeting for 2022. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 7:00 pm.

Monday, 24th January – First meeting for 2022. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7.00 pm.

Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 February – PETS President Elect Training Session {PE Paul Weston}. Cowra.

Friday – Sunday, 18th-20th March 2022 – Temora DISCON {District Conference}.

Saturday and Sunday, 26-27th March – Gears and Beers

Saturday, 2nd April – Sportsman’s Night featuring SCOTT REARDONThe CRC Sportsman’s Committee have organised a fundraising function featuring local Paralympian Scott Reardon.  The event will take place in conjunction with the Coolamon Football Club at Kindra Park.








Answer to last week’s puzzler: 

Thanksgiving comes after Christmas in the dictionary, of course!


This week’s puzzler:  

Four cars come to a four way stop, all coming from a different direction. They can’t decide who got there first, so they all go forward at the same time. They don’t crash into each other, but all four cars make it through the intersection. How is this possible?




While all social networks are full of hatred and negativity, I want to dissolve it with pleasant news and facts. The world isn’t that bad, look back:

The Norwegians have decided not to drill oil wells in the Lofoten Islands (with $53,000,000,000,000 in oil reserves) to preserve the islands ecosystem.

For the first time in Malawi history, a woman has been elected as the speaker of the country’s parliament. Esther Challenge cancelled 1500 marriages with underage girls and sent them back to school.

Swedish donors receive a thank you text every time their blood saves people.

Thanks to the Endangered Species Act, the almost endangered species population of sea turtles has increased by 980%.

Thai supermarkets gave up plastic bags and began wrapping up their purchases in banana leaves.

Holland became the first country without stray dogs.

South Korea organizes dance parties for people after 65 years. To fight dementia and loneliness;

In Rome, you can pay for a ticket in the subway using plastic bottles. Thus, 350,000 bottles have already been collected.

California restrictions the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in stores so people can take pets from shelters;

Rice farmers around the world are starting to use duck fields instead of pesticides. Ducks eat insects and pinch weeds without touching rice;

Canada passed a law prohibiting the use of mows and dolphins in the entertainment industry;

Holland sows roofs of hundreds of bus stops with flowers and plants – specifically for bees;

Iceland became the first country in the world to legalize equal salaries for men and women;

German circuses instead of animals use their holograms to stop the exploitation of animals in circuses;

LarvalBot underwater robot sows the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef with microscopic corals, grown specifically for ecosystem restoration

To reduce the number of suicides, Sweden organized the world’s first psychiatric ambulance

4855 people stood in line for hours in the rain to test stem cells to save the life of a five-year-old boy;

An Indian village celebrates the birth of every girl by planting 111 trees. 350,000 trees have already been planted so far

Thanks to the ban on humpback whale hunting, their population has grown from several hundred to 25,000

The Netherlands has built five artificial islands specifically for the conservation of birds and plants. Two years later, there are already 30,000 birds living there and 127 species of plants are growing

NASA satellites recorded that the world has become greener than 20 years ago

Since 1994, the number of suicides has decreased by 38%. It saved about four million lives


2. RAGES To The Moon


RAGES Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species this Rotary Action Group or RAG was started in our club by John Glassford and Phillip Merritt from the RC of Mabalacat Clark in The Philippines.  John and Phillip are friends and members of ROTI or Rotarians On The Internet.  Rotary approved this RAG in July 2013 and John was it’s 1st Chair.

The painting Tears of the Rhino by artist Paula Wiegmink originally of Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) will be going to the moon.

RAGES received permission to use the painting as the logo for RAGES from Paula Wiegmink.  It has taken a life of it’s own following the meeting between John, Susan and Dr. Jane Goodall in Sydney in 2014.

Paula with her partner in her studio in Dunsborough WA.  On the wall is Kushundwe painted by Paula from a photo that JJG took in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Uganda in 2011.

JJG with RIDE Eve Conway at the RI Convention in Seoul 2016.  Eve is a director of RAGES and now a RI Director Elect for 2023-2025.

The Say NO poster was created and printed here in Wagga and has since had many well known conservationists sign the poster thanks to Duke Ingram and Ruben Besureis who took the poster over and had it signed.  See how many of those that signed the poster above you can recognise, just click on the thumb nail pics above.

Duke Ingram, a poet and a motivational spiritual speaker and currently chosen by RAGES Rotary action group to head the world wide Say No campaign with his band Besureis for endangered species protection, which is the first ever Rotary campaign approved to include animals and global climate issues the main focus extinction, which has attracted some of the biggest names leaders and freedom fighters with the likes of Dr. Jane Goodall, Jeremy Irons, Noam Chomsky, Sir David Attenborough, Jean-Claud Van Damme, David Icke and many many more.

Besureis Eco-Pop Band


SO ‘Tears of the Rhino’ will be the first rhino on the moon!
To find out more follow this link:



December is Disease Prevention & Treatment Month.


Graphics by Debbie Vance from Canada.




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