Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #43

Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #43

Be a Gift to the World


We had another good rollup on Monday, which included 20 members and 3 guests.  One of the guests was Shane Bullock, Coolamon resident and manager of Jindalee Feedlot (located near Stockinbingal).  For those that don’t remember, Shane was instrumental in providing the processed cattle byproduct that we sold as “Moo Poo” last year.  Shane explained how the feedlot fits in with the beef production system run by Teys (they also have large feedlots in Condamine, Queensland and Charlton, Victoria).   Thousands of cattle pass through the feedlot each year, ending up in grocery stores throughout Australia and other countries as well.  It was amazing to hear the high-tech approach taken in managing the weight-gain of the cattle, and the precision in managing the inputs and monitoring the results.  Dave McKinley thanked Shane for his very informative talk, and presented him with a kangaroo coin pouch as a token of appreciation.  In addition, Dave presented certificates of appreciation to Shane, Dan Fisher (manager of Delta Ag who provided bags for packaging the Moo Poo last year) and Wayne and Helen Lewis of Lewis Transport (which transported the manure last year from Jindalee to Coolamon).  Shane has agreed to provide product for our fund-raiser again this year.  Thanks for your contribution, Shane!  Pictured below is Dave giving thanks to our guest speaker (left) and presenting certificates of appreciation to Dan Fisher and Wayne & Helen Lewis.

Dave&ShaneBullockCr Dave&DanFisher&Helen&WayneCr







Myffy Collette gave an update on the Coolamon Newspaper project, which is proceeding apace.  The shire is very supportive of the project and has offered the services of Jess Inch, a shire employee who works at the library, to assist wherever possible with the project.  Myffy announced that we’re on track to have our first issue ready for distribution in August.


Mark Reardon and Ted Hutcheon provided a rundown on the Red Shield Appeal that our club collected for over the weekend.  Between the footy games in Coolamon and Gainmain and Foodworks on Saturday and Sunday, we raised close to $1800 for the Salvos.  Thanks to all who assisted (Dick, Trevor, Wayne, Daryl, Ian J, Steve, Myffy, Bern, Garth) and especially to Mark for organising the event and Ted, who went above and beyond (manning the table at Foodworks both days and the footy afterwards on Saturday).  Pictured below are Ted & Daryl; Trevor & Wayne; Garth, Dick & Mark; and Steve.

Ted&Daryl Trevor&Wayne GarthDick&Mark Steve















Our intrepid globetrotter and champion of endangered animals, John Glassford, is attending the RI convention in Seoul, South Korea and has sent some photos of the sights.  John will be providing a full report on his return.  Below are a few random pics from the convention.

John-RagesBreakout RagesBooth



Diary Reminders

Monday, June 6th – Club Assembly (Coolamon Sport & Rec)

Wednesday, June 8th – Last Board Meeting for 2015-2016 preceded by a Newspaper committee meeting (7 pm, Coolamon Sport & Rec – no meal)

Thursday, June 9th – BINGO: Henk Hulsman (Capt), Trevor Parkes, Ted Hutcheon, Dick Jennings.

Saturday, June 25th – D9700 Changeover in Orange, Hotel Conobolas.

*Monday June 27th Changeover Dinner at Coolamon. 

*Partners and Guests Night.

Apologies for Monday meetings call Ian Jennings on 0428 492 157  BY FRIDAY 12.00 pm.