Dolly’s Imagination Library puts books into the hands of children – Rotary Voices

The wonderful partnership between Dolly Parton and Rotary International continues to flourish in communities both large and small all across the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Although every community approaches the program in its own way, one thing impresses me much more than dollars raised or even time invested –and this is the enormous influence Rotarians exert in their communities..

Dolly Parton and Rotary International from Rotary International on Vimeo.

On many occasions, we have witnessed how Rotarians use their influence to leverage support from both the public and private sector. Rotarians bring instant credibility to the table and consequently, local, state and provincial governments are eager to join forces with Rotary and Dolly to bring the Imagination Library to their children. Likewise many Rotary clubs have been successful in teaming up with United Way to launch the program in their communities.

Influence is an earned commodity and we are fortunate that the decades of good will and great work of Rotary now benefits the children of the Imagination Library.