Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation

Melinda and Bill Gates on 60 Minutes in the USA.

The show to watch is the October 3rd show because of its interview with Melinda Gates, the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discussing what their Foundation was going to do with their money. She said “25% of the funds are going to help the American kids get the best education possible;” and then she said that the Foundation was tackling the following three diseases in this order: 1) HIV/AIDS, 2) Malaria, and 3) Mother to Child deaths BECAUSE THEY ARE THE DISEASES OF THE POOR, THERE WAS NO MARKET FOR THEM…no one was doing anything about it. They mentioned their fight of Polio with Rotary International as well.

Go to the start on 28 minutes unless you want to watch the whole show.

Thanks to Marion Bunch CEO of Rotarians For Fighting AIDS  RFFA

Our club with our Road MAPS to Africa projects including supporting RFFA is in good company.