Men’s Shed in Perth

Coolamon Rotary started the Men’s Shed here in Coolamon and are now looking for a new building or to build one.  This one in Perth looks great:

Instead of the regular meeting of the RC of Freshwater Bay, the meeting this week was a Vocational Visit to the RC Mosman Park’s Men’s Shed. With a Lottery’s Commission Grant of almost $750,000 plus a contribution of over $90,000 from the RC Mosman Park, a huge and impressive building and project has been established. The benefits to all concerned, especially the men, young and not so young, who are members of the Men’s Shed and regularly attend, is significant. Uses for the building are extensive, not only does the RC Mosman Park have a permanent storage room and meeting room but various courses, including cooking, are run from the building. Well done RC Mosman Park! The City of Nedlands and the RCFB will talk about where to from here.Along with members of the RCFB, it was good to have in attendance for the Vocational visit, Hon. member Kay and Malcolm Mason, RF Alumni Prue Cowan and Graeme Hillier and Aaron Chinyimba along with RCMP Pres. Brett Pollock and other members of the Club, plus members of the Men’s Shed.