RIPE Kalyan Banerjee’s Address @ NOLA

Rotary International President Elect Kaylan Banerjee and Binota Banerjee

The following text is only a small part of this inspirational man’s presentation at the recent Rotary International Convention held last week in New Orleans.

“Yes, my brothers and sisters in Rotary, the time has come for us to change . change from our pallor of gray and go green, to embrace our new generation of newer, younger members. They are all out there waiting to come in, and we need to open our doors and give them space. And I don’t know how you feel, but I have always believed that the younger generation of today is perhaps more committed to the ideas of service and friendship than many of us were at that age. And we must understand the reality of the new generation of Rotary and help them balance expectations with realities. They are under pressure constantly, being involved in multiple endeavors, and yet have a strong work-life balance. And I understand too that even though they may be constantly on call with their careers and managing multiple responsibilities, they are as dedicated and passionate about being a Rotarian as you and I are.”

Here is the full address:

RIPE Kaylan Banerjee