Samoa 2010

We visited Samoa over Christmas and enjoyed the experience.

It was a fellow Rotarian on ROTI Rotarians on the internet who suggested that we go to Samoa, thanks Marco:


Being a Rotarian gives you contacts all around the world and Marco Kappenberger enabled us to see Samoa with lunches and a breakfast with fellow Rotarians.   We also visited the areas most damaged by the tsunami in 2009.  It was also our pleasure to be invited to a fund raising night for the new pre-school there.  I hope that we will be able to help them with this project in 2011.  More on this later:

The photos below also show where we stayed and what the tsunami did to Samoa.  The last two pics on teh tsunami road developments show what they have achieved in rebuilding on higher ground.  In only 15 months they have achieved an enormous amount.