Shelter Box Needed in Kenya

Peter Pearce of Shelter Box Australia has just returned from Kenya and the Northern Borders where the infamous Dadaa camp is located.   Some of you met Peter at the D9700 conference in Bathurst and they are looking for more ShelterBoxes to help provide much needed shelter for these famine ravaged Somalis.  (click on the logo below)

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Thursday 11 August 2011
ShelterBox tents providing shelter for families in need in Kenya

ShelterBox tents providing shelter for families in need in Kenya
ShelterBox Response Team members Ben Spurway and Joe Cannon in Kenya

Thousands of Somali families fleeing famine and drought are receiving ShelterBox tents at a refugee camp in Kenya.

ShelterBox is working in partnership with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and IOM (International Organization for Migration) to provide shelter for up to 20,000 Somali refugees at the camp in Dadaab.

Tens of thousands of refugees are still waiting to be registered and relocated from transition shelters outside of the camps, which mostly consist of sticks covered by clothes, blankets, tarpaulins and any other materials the families can lay their hands on. ShelterBox Response Team member, Julia Schaper (DE), said: ‘The situation is desperate for thousands of families living in very bad conditions. Driving through the transit areas it became immediately obvious that there is a huge need and we now want to get our tents up and families moved into them as quickly as possible.’