Coolamon Rotary Bulletin #1920-8

Dinner Meeting of August 19th

President Wayne welcomed 19 members and guests Chez and prospective member Maryanne Costello. Apologies from Dave, Dick, Lyn, Myffy, Daryl, Sarah, John N, Bern, Neil and Albert.

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Get together with Narrandera Club has been put on back burner for now because a date good for both clubs can’t be agreed at present.  President Wayne is thinking we might shoot for late January before we get back into the full swing of Rotary after the silly season.

Trivia Night this Friday.  Our club has 2 tables of 8 booked.

Stop Press – ‘The Hall Committee’ play at the Ganmain Hall,  Saturday, September 7, 7:30 pm.

Written, directed & co-starring by Damian Callinan, the writer of the hit movie The Merger, The Hall Committee will include a cast of local Wagga and Sydney actors to bring to life the folk of Rummage South Hall Committee past and present

Our guest speaker tonight was our member John Bond, who gave us an in-depth presentation of the effects on our planet of solar flares/sunspot activity and how they can disrupt communications & power distribution and have an influence on our weather. His talk generated some interesting questions from members about radio wave communications and variables in weather patterns over the years.

Here is a brief overview of the presentation in John’s words:

  • Physical properties of the sun – focussing on sunspots, flares and coronal mass ejections (CME’s)
  • Sunspot activity has cycles of 11 and 90 years.
  • Three principle methods of radio wave propagation with a focus on sky wave propagation utilising the ionosphere.
  • Using BOM GRAFEX Charts to predict frequencies for best intercontinental radio links.
  • Effects of significant solar events – particularly CME’s, on power distribution systems, radio communications links and equipment, satellites and their crews, and the effects on our health with significant increased ionizing radiation  such as X rays.
  • Principle causes of temperature variation in the earth’s troposphere, and explore the hypothesis that anthropogenic (manmade) effects are the cause of the current climate change on Earth.

Howard thanked John for a most illuminating and engaging talk.

The evening concluded with a raffle, which was won by John G.



Who is responsible for this quote?

“That’s the beautiful thing about food, it breaks down the barriers.”

Last week’s Quote of the Week was attributed to Donald Trump.




*Friday, August 23rd – Trivia Night. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club.

*Monday, August 26th  – Visit by DG John McKenzie.  All members encouraged to attend.  Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7:00 pm.

Saturday, September 7thThe Hall Committee play, Ganmain Hall, 7:30 pm.

Thursday, September 12th – Bingo.  Community Centre Hall, 6:45 – 10:00. Neil (captain), Rod, John N & Howard.

September 20-22 Australian New Zealand Rotary Conference, Christchurch.

Friday, October  4 – Fannie Lumsden concert in Old Junee. Tickets cost $30.

Sunday, October 6 – Gears and Beers.
Monday, November 4  – Annual General Meeting.
March 20-22nd 2020 – D9700 Conference, Temora.
June 6-10th 2020 RI Convention, Honolulu.

* denotes partner & guest night



Please get your working with children check completed and give the number and expiry date to the secretary ASAP. Failure to do so may mean you are not covered insurance wise when you volunteer at events.

Subs are now due.


Chartered March 3rd, 1971; Sponsoring Club Narrandera Rotary Club
President: Wayne Lewis 6927 3501
President-Elect: Howard Atkinson
IPP & V. President: Daryl Breust 0409 551 140
Secretary: John Glassford
Treasurer: Henk Hulsman 6927 3486
Rotary Foundation Director: Neil Munro
Club Admin Director:  Dave McKinley
Service Projects Director: Howard Atkinson
Youth Director: Sarah Collins 0448 118 003 
Membership Director: Paul Weston
Public Image Director: Grahame Miles
Immediate Past President: Daryl Breust 0409 551 140
Sergeant @ Arms: Albert Suidgeest
Bulletin Editors: Grahame Miles, Sarah Collins and Paul Weston
Webmaster: John Glassford

August is Membership and New Club Development Month