Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #14

Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #14



Vocational Service Background.

The second Object of Rotary is: To encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions, to recognise the worthiness of all useful occupations and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society.

Paul Harris wrote: “Each Rotarian is a connecting link between the idealism of Rotary and their trade or profession”.





On Saturday several members of our club operated the chocolate wheel as part of the annual hospital fete in Coolamon and Ganmain. Here are some photos:

Hospital Fete 008

Something wrong here very wrong says Henk “What is the Lions Wheel doing here!  The truth is someone dropped the one we always use so Lions to the rescue.  Our thanks to the Coolamon Lions Club.

Hospital Fete 007 Hospital Fete 006

Hospital Fete 011Da Boys

It was a good effort by many members of our club including Bernadette Milne, Dick Jennings, Wayne Lewis, Don Dyce, Ian Durham, Ted Hutcheon, Henk Hulsman and John Glassford.



Tuesday 14th October.


Griffith 1

PDG Fred Loneragan,  Michele Cunningham and John Glassford in Griffith.

Last night PDG Fred Loneragan and PP John Glassford gave a presentation to a combined meeting of the Griffith Rotary Clubs in Griffith at the EX services Cub.  There was a good crowd of Griffith Rotarians and their partners.  PP Peter Sparks from Griffith Avanti looks like joining the climb, Peter climbed Kilimanjaro with us in 2007.  There were also several others in the audience who are interested in joining the Safari Team.

It was also Hat Day for the Australian Rotary Heath Fund and we all had to wear a hat.

000517 Hat Day GriffithLynn Sparks




Cottigan 3

Craig Bathurst


PP Craig Corrigan at the Bathurst 1000 Craig is at the rear with a blonde passenger!!





PDG Ian Simpson

We had a joint meeting with the Junee Rotary Club to hear PDG Ian Simpson and the current DRFC (District Rotary Foundation Director) for D 9700 talk on our Foundation.

Ian Simpson gave a very informative presentation describing the mysterious workings of Rotary Foundation.  Of greatest relevance was an overview of Foundation grants, which consist mainly of District Grants and Global Grants.  The application process for grants has been simplified over the past two years, which will come as good news to those who have been frustrated by the process in the past.  District Grants are typically small (ca. $1,000-3,000) matching grants which focus mainly on local projects, but can also be applied to projects elsewhere.  The DG has allocated $10,000 for District Grants this year and is encouraging clubs to apply for a District Grant because not all monies allocated to District Grants were awarded last year.  The application date for District Grants is in January, so now is the time to work on applications.
Global Grants are much larger projects, and involve projects in other countries.  The project must involve a Rotary club located in the overseas country near the project site.  Both Global Grants and District Grants must address one or more of the focus areas of the Rotary Foundation, namely 1) peace & conflict prevention/resolution, 2) disease prevention & treatment, 3) water & sanitation, 4) maternal and child health, 5) education & literacy, and 6) economic & community development.
Ian explained that donations to the Foundation are invested, half of which remains invested to generate interest income and the other half of which is distributed as grants.  For information on Foundation grants, consult the district website or contact Ian Simpson directly.

Your generous contributions to The Rotary Foundation are essential to securing and growing Rotary programs throughout the world. We recognize donors to express our gratitude for your commitment and offer individual and club recognitions, as well as naming recognitions that let you honor a friend or family member with a named or endowed gift.


  • Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member, when you give $100 or more per year to the Annual Fund.
  • Benefactor, when you include the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your estate plans or when you donate $1,000 or more to the fund outright. Benefactors receive a certificate and insignia to wear with a Rotary or Paul Harris Fellow pin.
  • Paul Harris Fellow, when you give $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant. To recognize someone else as a Paul Harris Fellow, you can give that amount in their name. You are recognized as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow with each additional gift of $1,000.
  •  member, when you give $1,000 or more annually to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant.
  • Bequest Society member, when you give $10,000 or more via your estate plans. All society members receive recognition from the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, and donors can choose to receive an engraved crystal recognition piece and a Bequest Society pin.

Diary Reminders

Thursday 16th October Mount Kenya 2015 ANZAC Day Meeting in Wagga Wagga. 

Run2Raise 2 

Friday 17th October Run2Raise Raffle at the Bottom Pub $60 per person includes dinner.  Prize a night at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney.  In aid of Alice Bailey-Brown and Kellie Wall.

*Monday 20th October Garth Perkin as our guest speaker.

Thursday 30th October Ray Wall’s farewell Coolamon Sports Club $35 per head.  Tickets by 22nd from Christine Atkinson.

Monday 10th November AGM.

Monday 10th November Mount Kenya Presentation at Temora. 

Thursday 13th November BINGO: Ian  Jennings (Captain), Mark Reardon, Henk  Hulsman, Christine Atkinson

Wednesday 26th November Mount Kenya Presentation at Henty.

NYE December 31st Coolamon Fireworks Food Van

*Partners and Guests Night.

Apologies for Monday meetings call Christine Atkinson on 0427 880 158 or 6927 3521 BY FRIDAY 12.00 pm.



Gary New Club

Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang and his wife, Corinna, visited the newly chartered Rotary Club of Huaren in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Welcome to the new club!


In October 1914, Jonas Salk was born – a man who would change world history by inventing the first effective vaccine against polio. When the vaccine was introduced in the United States in the 1950s, polls indicated that polio was one of the nation’s two greatest fears, second only to the fear of atomic war. And with good reason: In the 1952 U.S. polio epidemic, 58,000 cases were reported, with 3,145 deaths and 21,269 instances of permanent, disabling paralysis. Globally, polio paralyzed or killed up to half a million people every year.

Read More Here







A garden Party sponsored by Wagga Sunrise has raised $4600 for research into Mental Health. As part of HATDAY a group got together and approached Sunrise to be the sponsor, and using a quilt donated by Kim Nash they have been able to ale a substantial contribution to mental Health and at the same time have a great afternoon.



The broom

 Plane Crash…

Once in USA a plane crashed, only a monkey who was traveling in the plane was left alive. Fortunately the monkey was intelligent enough to understand our language and reply in actions. The officials went to see the monkey in the hospital and had a talk with the monkey.

Officer: “When the plane took off what were the travelers doing?”
Monkey: “Tying their belts”
Officer: “What were the airhostesses doing?”
Monkey: “Saying Hello! Good morning!”
Officer: “What were the pilots doing?”
Monkey: “Checking the system”
Officer: “What were you doing?”
Monkey: “Looking for my people”
Officer: “After 10′ minutes what were the travelers doing?”
Monkey: “Having beverages and snacks”
Officer: “What were the airhostesses doing?”
Monkey: “Serving the travelers”
Officer: “What were the Pilots doing?”
Monkey: “Handling the steering”
Officer: “What were you doing?”
Monkey: “Eating & throwing”
Officer: “After 30 minutes what were the travelers doing?”
Monkey: “Some were sleeping and some were reading”
Officer: “What were the airhostesses doing?”
Monkey: “Make up”
Officer: “What were the pilots doing?”
Monkey:”Handling the steering”
Officer: “What were you doing?”
Monkey: “Nothing”
Officer: “Just before plane crash what were the travelers doing?”
Monkey: “All were sleeping”
Officer: “What were the pilots doing?”
Monkey: “Handling the air hostess”
Officer: What were you doing?

Monkey: Handling the steering!!!!!





Some of Rotary’s Women of Action at the Capitol Building (from left): Jane Winning, Carol Butler, Michelle Candland, Marion Bunch, Deepa Willingham, Carolyn Jones, Ginger Vann, and Bernadette Blackstock.
On 7 October, 10 Rotary Women of Action were honored at the White House during a Rotary Day for their selfless acts of giving to communities locally and globally. That’s Rotary Action.All photos by Rotary International staff photographer Alyce Henson — at The White House Washington Dc

By Julia D. Phelps, RI director

As I sat in the audience at the White House on 7 October, listening to 10 amazing Rotary women tell the stories of their volunteer efforts, two quotes kept running through my mind. First, “Be the change you wish to be in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi) and second, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world. In fact, it is the only way it ever has” (Margaret Mead).

In fact, these 10 women took these two quotes, put them together and created projects, foundations, and fundraising efforts that changed their world and the world of others. It struck me that all of their efforts started with one woman who saw a need, a problem, and then went about addressing the situation. They didn’t get permission, they didn’t write a business plan; they just got busy. They were brave and courageous as they stepped out to make a difference. And as their idea grew into reality, they realized that they couldn’t do it alone. That’s where their Rotary club members, their networks, and our Rotary Foundation, came into play.




RFHA was RFFA CEO Marion Bunch with Rotary President-elect  K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran at the The National Press Club reception for the outstanding women of Rotary.  Proud to have served on the RFFA Board with Marion as our CEO.



Hair cut




 Click on the image above to get a real idea of the size of Africa.



This will be a permanent section for the next 12 months in our weekly bulletin and I will update stories to this article as and when we get them.   The Australian Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs have approved our application to be part of the Centenary for ANZAC and we are allowed to use the logo below with some rules on it’s use:

The Mount Kenya 2015 web site can be found here on clicking the banner below:


We will be visiting and supporting this Maasai Village after we climb Mount Kenya and here is a message from their leader Armicus.



John Glassford with Dr Dame Jane Goodall in Sydney

We are honoured as Oloimugi Maasai Village to be working with these two great personalities(John James Glassford and Dr. Jane Goodall), Rotary Club of Coolamon and Roots and Shoots respectively.  There is the best for our community and nature in the days to come: online in our jewelry hub.  Our home, authentic, pure, traditional and unique.  Join our efforts and be the change that the world awaits you to make. “Maape Ilomuran!”

Armicus Mayan Olesenteria

Oloimugi traditional Maasai ecovillage


Neclace Maasai





Another amazing effort by the girls who just completed another half marathon in Melbourne!
Special mention to Emma Carroll who completed her first full marathon!





Yours in Rotary John Glassford Chair 2014 -2015

Proposed Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species



Bulletin Editor and Web Site:  John Glassford


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