Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #1617-1

Changeover 2016

Welcome to the new Rotary year!  The Rotary Club of Coolamon celebrated its 45th changeover on Monday night in the company of local dignitaries, visiting Rotarians, partners and guests.  Along with a changing of the guard, the task of composing the bulletin has changed hands as well.  I hope to keep up the high standard that John Glassford has maintained for many years.  John has stepped down from this role because of the duties associated with preparing for a much bigger role, that of District Governor of District 9700, which John will assume in 2018-19.  I know my fellow Rotarians join me in wishing John well in this venture and will assist in whatever ways we can.

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As usual, the changeover was a lively affair with a healthy rollup.  Approximately 90 people were in attendance and were entertained by Caleb Richards and Ryan Farrell.  The formal proceedings, emceed by Ian Jennings, began with a welcome by Coolamon mayor John Seymour and a welcome to country by Auntie Gail Clark, a Wiradjuri elder and Coolamon resident.  A number of toasts and responses ensued, followed by an excellent four-course meal cooked up by Gilbert and Diane in the Chinese restaurant at the Coolamon Sport and Rec Club.  Outgoing president Wayne Lewis  then had his moment of glory, describing the highlights of the past year and listing the recipients of the $25,000+ in charitable donations made by the club in that time.  PDG John Egan was on hand to assist Wayne in presenting a PHF to yours truly, a humbling and personally gratifying occasion. Wayne and PDG John then inducted our president for 2016-17, Don Dyce.  After introducing the new board, newly minted President Don thanked the attendees for their participation and wished them a safe drive home.   More fellowship followed, accompanied by coffee, tea and assorted slices baked by Rotarian partners.  The first raffle prize, which consisted of a basket of locally produced goodies, was won by Bob Toose of Junee Rotary.  Second prize was a hamper of licorice items from Junee Licorice & Chocolate, and third prize was a gift basket of garlic items from Ganmain Garlic (second and third prizes were won by Narranderans Anne Dunn and Marilyn Manning).  All in all, it was a memorable evening that spawned new friendships and rekindled old ones.  We look forward to a productive and enjoyable Rotary new year.

  •  Paul Weston, ed.





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July is changeover month!

Coolamon is not the only place where Rotary changeover occurred; changeovers were taking place throughout the world.  Each month has a theme in the Rotary calendar, except for July, which is changeover month.  District 9700 had its changeover last weekend, and was attended by our own John and Susan Glassford as evidenced by the photo below.  Happy New Year!




On the lighter side


A politician and two of his cronies, Bill and John, were fishing when their boat capsized. Bill and John started to panic because they’d seen sharks in the area.

“No worries, mates,” said the politician and he started to swim towards the island to get help.

As he swam, John spotted the dorsal fins of two great white sharks heading straight toward the politician. Before he could yell a warning, the politician took hold of their fins and the sharks escorted him safely to shore.

When the politician returned with help, John asked him how he had managed such an amazing feat. The politician answered, “Professional courtesy.”



Most of us are familiar with the nursery rhyme/riddle about the person travelling to St. Ives:

“As I was going to St. Ives,

I met a man with seven wives.

Each wife had seven sacks,

each sack had seven cats,

and each cat had seven kits.”

In a twist on the original rhyme, assume that the man and the seven wives were in fact travelling in the same direction as the narrator of the rhyme.  How many individuals (people, cats and kits) were in fact travelling to St. Ives?


Diary Reminders

Monday, July 4th: President Don Dyce’s FIRST Meeting of 2016-2017

Thursday, July 14: Bingo [Neil Munro (Capt), John Nulty, Don Dyce and Ian Durham] 

Saturday, July 17th: Street Raffle in Coolamon

*Partners and Guests Night

Apologies for Monday meetings: call Ian Jennings on 0428 492 157  BY FRIDAY 12:00 pm.