Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #1617-24

Holiday Fellowship

A most enjoyable Christmas party was held at the residence of President Don and his partner Sally on 11 December.  As usual, we were treated to abundant appetizers, mains, and assorted desserts, along with great conversation and fellowship.  We hosted several members of the Rotary Club of Wagga Wagga Wollundry, who presented President Don with a cheque for the assistance we provided Gears and Beers when it came through Coolamon in October.  The evening closed with a surprise performance by John Bond, who played an assortment of Christmas songs on his cello.



Because a number of members were unable to attend the Christmas party because of the late harvest, a special evening of fellowship was held at the residence of Grahame and Sharon Miles in early January.  It was a splendid evening of good food, drink and conversation, and the type of event that many would like to see repeated.  A full moon was a nice capstone to the wonderful event, and we thank Grahame and Sharon for hosting us on the evening.





Week of 23 January

The club has woken from its Christmas hibernation, and is starting to get back into action. This week’s meeting featured a bit of discussion regarding the New Year’s Eve festival and how it might be improved for next year. All in all, it was a successful evening, with the club distributing wrist bands to the nippers and serving up steak sandwiches and hot dogs from the food van. Proceeds of the food sales and raffle tickets more than covered the cost of giving away several hundred free hot dogs to the little ones. The NYE festival is a great community event, and one that generates good exposure for the club. It was a great way to see in the new year.

The club was treated to a most interesting life story delivered by our own John Bond. John has led an interesting life, and his involvement in electronic communication had taken him to many interesting, but remote, locations in Australia. John expertise in satellite communications made him a valuable asset in various military operations and ongoing surveillance of international activities. Dick thanked John for a very good talk, despite the absence of the club projector to display the images John had planned to present.

The evening concluded with a raffle and fellowship.




Week of 30 January

The club went on the road for our weekly meeting, catching up with mates in the Lockart club for a meal and fellowship at the Crossroads Hotel in Collingullie, halfway between Coolamon and Lockhart. Yours truly was unable to attend, but judging from the pics that were sent to me (see below), a good time was had by all. Our next meeting will be a club assembly on 6 Feb, so please make a point to come to this important planning meeting.





On the lighter side

Oy vey!

Two old Jewish men, Sid and Abe, are sitting in a Mexican restaurant. Sid asks Abe, “Do you know if any people of our ancestry were ever born and raised in Mexico?”

Abe replies, “I don’t know, let’s ask our waiter.”

When the waiter arrives, Abe asks, “Are there any Mexican Jews?”

The waiter says, “I don’t know señor, I ask the cooks.

He returns from the kitchen after a few minutes and says,”No señor, the cook say no Mexican Jews.”

Abe isn’t satisfied and asks, “Are you absolutely sure?”

The waiter, realizing he is dealing with “gringos” replies, “I check once again, señor,” and goes back into the kitchen.

While the waiter is away, Sid says, “I find it hard to believe that there are no Jews in Mexico ….Our people are scattered everywhere.”

The waiter returns and says, “Señor, the head cook Manuel, he say there is no Mexican Jews.”

“Are you certain?” Abe asks again. “I just can’t believe there are no Mexican Jews!”

“Señor, I ask EVERYONE,” replies the exasperated waiter. “All we have is orange jews, grape jews, prune jews, tomato jews and apple jews, but no Mexican jews.”


The puzzler

New maths

What two numbers belong in the spaces occupied by question marks in the last line of the following equations?

6 + 4 = 210
9 + 2 = 711
8 + 5 = 313
5 + 2 = 37
7 + 6 = 113
9 + 8 = 117
10 + 6 = 416
15 + 3 = 1218
?? + ?? = 123

Answer to the last Puzzler:

There seems to be more than one answer to the puzzle of which animals went to each child, but if you assume that three of each stuffed animal were distributed, there’s only one correct answer: Alice received a bunny, puppy and bear, Ben: bunny, cat, deer; Carol: cat, puppy, bear; David: bunny, puppy, deer; and Edith: cat, bear and deer.  Seemples!



Monday, 6 February: Club Assembly. 6:30 for 7:00 pm.  Coolamon Sport & Rec Club.

Thursday, 9 February: Bingo. 6:45 pm.  Allawah Lodge. Roster: Henk (Captain), Dave, Ian D, Alex.

Monday, 13 February: Regular meeting. 6:30 for 7:00 pm.  Coolamon Sport & Rec Club.

25-26 Feb, 2017: Presidents-Elect Training (Paul Weston), Young.

17-19 March, 2017: District 9700 Conference, Orange.

30 April, 2017: District 9700 Assembly (All Directors), Young.

10-14 June, 2017: Rotary International Convention, Atlanta, GA, USA.

*Partners and Guests Night

Apologies for Monday meetings: call Ian Jennings on 0428 492 157  BY FRIDAY 12:00 pm.