Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #17

Monday 7th May 2018

President Paul welcomed members and guest to the evening. The highlights of the District conference were then discussed with the following making a particular impact on those that attended:

  • Keynote speaker Sarah Brown. She is the Chief executive Officer of Western Desert Nganampa, Walytja, Polyantjaku, Tjutaku Aboriginal corporation and has been working to provide greater access to dialysis treatment for Aboriginal communities. This limits the travel time Aboriginal community members need to travel for this life saving treatment each week. Through the sales of Aboriginal art a number of units have been established in fixed locations as well as mobile unit.
  • Richard Woodburn, Eastern District chair, spoke on Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC) which brings children in need of critical medical care from the Pacific islands to Australia for treatment. Currently ROMAC has coordinated the treatment of over 250 children.
  • Keynote speaker Brendan Farrell, founder of the Burrumbuttock hay runners, spoke on the hay runs and donations that the runners make to drought stricken farmers across Australia. Since it’s inception in 2014, Brendan has coordinated 13 truck runs, the latest having over 250 trucks and trailers and delivering $1.72 million in donated hay and other goods. The hay runs not only supply hay to desperate farmers but also lift the community with concerts and food parcels.
  • Michael Milston, former 9700 district governor in 2016-17, spoke on the need to end Trachoma in remote communities. This eye infection can lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated and the remoteness of the locations means that the chances of this happening can be very high.

Each of the initiatives above were recommended for possible funding into the future.

Members then enjoyed a delicious meal before listening to our guest speaker

Sarah Brown of Purple House. Her talk was a highlight for many
Lucia with Judith Hall and fellow exchange students.

Guest Speaker, exchange student Lucia

Lucia spoke on her recent Safari Tour around Australia and it was abundantly clear she had a fantastic time. The tour consisted of exchange students from 5 districts, the Riverina, the Boarder (SA and Vic), two from Adelaide and Tasmania with students from across the world going on the 7000 km tour. 

The tour began in Wagga Wagga and then went on to Horsham, before going to Adelaide where they collected the last of their touring companions and had a chance to visit the city of churches (which Lucia informed use she did get a chance to actually see any churches).

They then travelled north going to Uluru, Alice Springs and Kings Canyon where they watched the great rock change colour at sunset, rode on camels, walked the canyon rim and swam in waterholes – while keeping a close eye out for crocodiles, which according to the reptile man had a taste for German tourists.

The Tour then moved on  – after some very long driving days – to the East coast where they dived the great barrier reef at Cairns with some close encounters with turtles, sharks and ‘big fish’. They also met the fresh water crocodile Dave and swam in a waterfall. Moving next onto the Gold Coast, they toured the city and finally made it to Coffs Harbour and then Sydney where they walked the bridge.

The next day Lucia had to say goodbye to her friends when the tour finished in Wagga Wagga. She had a great time  – and even managed to come back with a bit of a tan – and is hoping to become a Rotaract in the future.

Dick thanked Lucia for her delightful talk and we all marvelled at the number of badges she had collected

Lucia and her host families

Update From Jackson in Finland

My first 3 months in Finland

Leaving Wagga Wagga in mid-January seems like a long time ago. It was great to leave with the other people from my district. The flight was long, over 40 hours so I was pretty happy to land in Helsinki. I spent my first night in an old military camp in Helsinki. This was pretty cool as I got to know the other exchange students. From there I went to a language camp and had so much fun. There was snow everywhere and pretty cold, about -15 degrees, compared to 38 degrees when I left home. The language camp was great. I really got to know the other exchange students and learning about life in Finland. I got to try a sauna, the Finnish way (use your imagination for this)! I also learnt a few words in Finnish.

My family, the Talabacca’s, picked me up from the camp. My host parents are Sari and Jari and there are 3 children, Senja, Jakko and Sara.  I had a bit of drive to my home town of Urjala. The Talabacca’s are a great family and I have settled in well with them. I spend a lot of time with Jakko as we are about the same age. The family are very hospitable and have helped me settle in well. They have given me a lot of fun times so far. Jakko is a great to hang out with. I pretty much do everything with him.

This is me with my host sibblings, Jakko, Senja and Sara and my neighbour Mette – Urjala Cross Country skiing champions.

I go to the local high school. I am in the 10th grade with Jakko. I am really enjoying school and have made a lot of friends. I have been to some friends’ houses and done a lot of different and interesting things with them. I have tried ice skating and I’m getting better at it. I spend some of my spare time also cross country skiing, playing and training for ice hockey, hunting and ice fishing. The school is like a central school. There are about 350 students there. The younger students at the school are very keen in getting to know me, which is a lot of fun. I really enjoy my classes and am learning more Finnish. My friends do a lot of translating for me in class when I’m not sure what the teacher is saying.

When I went hunting I caught a rabbit. I caught an 85cm pike fish when I went ice fishing. This is a completely new experience. Cutting a hole in the ice and sitting in the cold to wait for a bite is hard work, but catching a fish makes it worthwhile. I have played some ice hockey with a team. I am not very good at this but I have 9 more months to get better at it! I spend a bit of time cross country skiing which I really enjoy. I have been in a few local races and am actually the under 18 cross country champion of Urjala. I should possibly mention I was the only one in this age group! I also really enjoy having a sauna. I do this regularly with my family. I have mentioned to my parents back in Australia that I think we should build a sauna when I get home.

The best part of my experience so far was when my family took me on a holiday to Lapland for a week. We spent the week cross country and downhill skiing. I really loved this. It was amazing and very cold, but I coped really well. I learnt to go over some pretty big jumps and even ski some rails. I also got to visit Santa’s village and meet the real Santa. The holiday was an amazing experience. I really appreciate my family taking me on this fantastic holiday.

This is at Santa’s Village

I am really enjoying my time in Finland so far. I love the snow, but don’t really enjoy it when the sun comes out and the snow starts to melt, everything gets wet and sloshy. The snow and cold weather is something very knew for me. I am not feeling the cold really. My host Rotary club has bought me some snow boots which have been wonderful. This has allowed me to go out and keep my feet dry. I have been to one Rotary meeting which was interesting. I did my presentation about Australia and they enjoyed it a lot. The meeting was very different to what I have experienced in Coolamon as there are no females and the meeting was over and done very fast. Everyone was really friendly and very interested in getting to know me. My next host family is with the president of the Rotary club.

So far everything I am experiencing has definitely been fantastic. I am really having a wonderful time and cannot believe how fast the time is going. I am looking forward to everything that is in front of me. Learning the language is very difficult but I think I am getting better at it. Thanks to everyone for the support and experiences so far.

At my first Rotary meeting in Finland

Until next time – Jackson Wykes

Sponsor Club – Rotary club of Coolamon

Fun in the snow

Quote of the Week

Who said this?

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”.

Last week’s Quote of the Week was attributed to John Lennon.



Monday, 14 May  – no meeting tonight in lieu of tomo night

*Tuesday, 15th May – Guest Speaker: RI director Noel Trevaskis at Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7:00 pm.

Wednesday, 16th May: Board meeting, Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 7:00 pm.

Friday, 18th May – Catering at clearing sale at Karinyah, Buchanan’s property on Millwood Rd.

Saturday, 19th May – Catering at clearing sale at Rand’s Tank, Marg & Garth Perkin’s property on Millwood Rd.

*Monday, May 28 – Guest Speaker. Daryl Bruest on Kokoda trek, at Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7:00 pm.

Thursday, 14th  June – BINGO.  Grahame M  (Captain), in Community Centre Hall

Saturday, 23rd June to Wednesday, 27th June – Rotary International Convention. Toronto, Canada.

*Saturday, 30th June – Coolamon Rotary Changeover and District 9700 Changeover.  Ganmain Hall.

Monday, July 9th – Guest Speaker. DG John Glassford visit to Coolamon Club.

* denotes partner & guest night

Community Events

Up to date Art exhibition Friday 27th July  – 12th August, For further information please email: [email protected]


Please get your working with children check completed and give the number and expiry date to the Secretary ASAP. Failure to do so may mean you are not covered insurance wise when you volunteer at events.




Chartered March 3rd, 1971; Sponsoring Club Narrandera Rotary Club
President: Paul Weston  6927 2972
President-Elect & Service Projects:  Daryl Breust 0409 551 140
Secretary:  John Bond 0427 273 226
Treasurer: Henk Hulsman 6927 3486
Rotary Foundation Director: Neil Munro 6927 3156
Club Admin Director: Don Dyce 6929 1215
Youth Director: Dave McKinley 6927 8553
Service Projects {Vocational} Director: Ian Jennings 6927 3390
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Immediate Past President: Don Dyce 6929 1215
Sergeant @ Arms: Ted Hutcheon 6927 3349
Bulletin Editor: Sarah Collins 0448 118 003 and Grahame Miles



May is Youth Service Month

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May is the month when Rotary focuses on Youth. The link between Rotary and youth for all our Clubs is amazing. Every club that I have visited engages with our Youth Programmes in some way or another, whether it be Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment (RYPEN), Rotary Youth Driving Award, Rotaract, Interact, District Scholarships, Rotary International Youth Exchanges, Peer Support Programmes in schools, Cure Kids, Life Education vans, Literacy Programmes in schools, and many others.


Learn more about what Rotary is doing in the area of youth services  Rotary International Web Site



District 9700 Board 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 D9700 Board is coming together nicely and the restructure is going to work and work well.  DGN John McKenzie and DG George Weston are committed to making it work, as are the others on this much smaller Board: The 9700 district that the Coolamon Rotary club was a member of has now been split. Coolamon Rotary will now be a part of District 9705 as of 2020. Details will be updated as they arrive.

District Governor: John Glassford {Membership Retention} Coolamon

District Governor-Elect: John McKenzie {Service Projects} Orange North

District Governor Nominee {New District}: Michael Moore

Immediate Past District Governor: George Weston {Youth} Leeton

Foundation Director: PDG David Kennedy {Foundation} Blayney

Secretary: PP David Benn {Administration} Wollundry Wagga Wagga

Treasurer Finance & Audit: PP Doug Conkey {Budget} Wollundry Wagga Wagga

Communications Director: PP Paul Murray {Public Image} Wollundry

Millennials Director: PP Clare Lawlor {Membership Millennials} Wagga CSU Rotaract

Associate Member: AG Julie Poplin {Assistant Governors}

Other District Appointments

Executive Secretary and Web Master: PP Paul Murray Wollundry Wagga Wagga

District Trainer: PP Geraldine Rurenga Wagga Wagga Murrumbidgee

PETS Facilitator: PDG Tony Monley D9810

Public Officer: PDG Ian Tooke Blayney

2019 Griffith D9700 Conference Chair: PP Ross Grillo Griffith

DIO Insurance/Risk Management: PP Sam Catanzariti Griffith

COL 2019 Representative: PDG Gary Roberts

We are still looking at appointing two more Assistant Governors.

We are also looking at the structure of all the Standing Committees and the Special Committees.

We will post all further news on D9700 2018-2019 on my DGJG Blog:

DG JG 9700 2018-2019


President Ian Riseley RC of Sandringham Melbourne

President Elect Barry Rassin RC of East Nassau The Bahamas

District 9700 Governor George Weston RC of Leeton

District 9700 Governor Elect John Glassford RC of Coolamon

District 9700 Governor Nominee John McKenzie RC of Orange North