Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #25

Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #25

Be a Gift to the World



  • Vocational Service calls on every Rotarian to work with integrity and contribute their expertise to the problems and needs of society. Learn more in  and the .
  • The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life.
  • There will be a Vocational Services Meeting on Monday February 29th at Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions in Ganmain.  This is a joint meeting with Wagga Wagga Sunrise.

22 Valhalla Rotary party

A Rotary Meeting in a straw bale winery by Huff n Puff.



Rtn. Dave McKinley our Vocation Services Director organised a vocational service meeting at the new Coolamon Fire Museum.  This is a project of Chris and Joanne Berry.  Chris has a passion for collecting “Fireys” memorabilia and has been doing so for 30 years now.

The meeting started at 6.30 pm and we had a  great role up of  members and guests.  Here are some thumb nail photos  of the visit (just click on the thumb nail for a larger version).

The Commissioner of the NSW Fire and Rescue Service opened the museum on the 5th October 2015.  A very good enterprise for Coolamon and for all of NSW.  Please support Chris and Joanne by visiting the museum open 7 days from 10 am to 4 pm.

IMGP3560IMGP3562 IMGP3563 IMGP3564 IMGP3566 IMGP3571 IMGP3572 IMGP3575

Details available on  visiting the Coolamon Fire Museum.

We followed up the visit to the Fire Museum with dinner at the Sports cub.

Dinner was attended by 17 members and the following guests:

Visiting Rotarian Graeme Callander RC of Wagga Wagga the oldest Rotary Club in D 9700, now 86 years old.

Guests of Members:

Marilyn Jennings, Helen Lewis, Nadeem Asghar, Felicity and Geoff Grinter (Coolamon Lions President), and our special guests Joanne and Chris Berry from the Coolamon Fire Museum.

President Wayne Lewis opened the meeting by thanking all of our guests and members for attending the visit to the museum.

Secretary Paul Weston read out a delightful letter from Georgia Booth who we sponsored to the 2015 Honeywell Engineering Summer School. Click on thumb nail below for the letter.


Reminders from Paul that we have been allocated 4 ShelterBox numbers for tracking purposes from the donation for 4 ShelterBoxes that we donated to last year.

RYLA nominations close on the 4th March so please contact Ian Durham with nominations.

Grahame Miles asked for names for the Searchers concert in Wagga Wagga, very urgent now.

Easter Markets committee meeting this Thursday night 28th January.

Board Meeting Wednesday 3rd February at 7 pm at the club. Dave McKinley advised the meeting that there were 50 or so “Moo Poo” bags left.

Club Assembly next Monday 1st February this is where we all get a say on the running and planning for upcoming club events.  We want a big turnout so that we can organise the events and do them justice.

Rtn. Graeme Callander from the RC of Wagga Wagga, then spoke on the upcoming Polio Plus night in Wagga Wagga to see the movie with Dame Maggie Smith in “The Lady in the Van”.  Get your bookings in asap as we want to fill two cinemas with some 400 patrons.  A great cause and a very funny movie.  Invite your family and friends along.


Coolamon Shire Council Australia Day Ceremony was held in Marrar and our club was represented by President Wayne and Helen Lewis, Alex Thompson, John Glassford, Ian and Marilyn Jennings .

Marilyn and her Up2Date Store Art Exhibition Committee won the category for Community Event of the 2015 Year, well deserved and very well received.

John Glassford was nominated for Citizen of the Year among many deserving nominations won by Collette Wallace from Marrar.

IMGP3583 IMGP3584 (3)

Aussie Day Award (3)


Diary Reminders

Monday 1st February Club Assembly Planning Meeting.  All members invited to attend.

Wednesday 3rd February Board Meeting at the Sports Club 7.00 pm.  (No dinner).

*Monday 8th February  The USA 2016 Presidential Elections explained by Leslie and Paul Weston.

USA Elections

BINGO: February 11th 2016 Neil Munro (Capt) Wayne Lewis, Ted Hutcheon, Dick Jennings.

Monday 15th February.  T.B.A.

Monday 22nd February.  T.B.A.

*Monday 29th February Joint Vocational Service Meeting with WW Sunrise in Ganmain at Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions.

*Thursday March 3rd Polio Plus Film Night in Wagga Wagga. “the Lady in the Van”.

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th April 2016 D9700 Conference in Wagga Wagga.

*Saturday May 14th International Night at the Ganmain Hall in aid of RAGES Inc.

Saturday 28th May 2016 – Wednesday June 1st Seoul RICON South Korea  Seoul 2016

*Partners and Guests Night.

Apologies for Monday meetings call Ian Jennings on 0428 492 157  BY FRIDAY 12.00 pm.



Aussie Dogs

Hope that you all gave your dogs a day off on Tuesday, for Australia Day!

Coffin joke

Lawn Mower







RIPE John Germ 1

John Germ, Rotary international President 2016-2017, at the International Assembly closing ceremony [San Diego-USA] has spoken to the “Rotary Stars team” of 530 District Governors Elect and their spouses on PolioPlus Program as we are this close to ending polio with less of 0.1% cases worldwide.

The W.H.O director Hamid Jaffari, said that Rotary has initiated the “war” against poliovirus in 1985 and then get other partners [GPEI: RI-WHO-CDC-UNICEF] in 1988 and Gates foundation and World Bank later on. Sanofi Pasteur being the vaccines provider. As of 2011, GPEI has secured $8.2 billion in international investments from various funding sources and has implemented its programs in over 200 countries.…/global-polio-eradication-initiative…. [Rotary with 1.5 billion dollars.]



2016 -2017 Theme



GR 01

Quilts 3

Last year 30,000 women died in childbirth in Africa last year. I was horrified to hear this.
With your help we can assist these women in Africa and around the world through Rotary Foundation and support doctors and nurses who train midwives, create antenatal clinics, teach mothers early warning signs of complication and to seek help, and assist these women to raise their own children and build their communities for themselves

Be A Gift to the World is the theme for this year for Rotary International and it has made me think about what gifts we have to give to the world. I know many women who are patch workers and together we devised a plan to use our gifts and to make quilts and sell them at the District Conference in Wagga Wagga in April. If you are a knitter or you can crochet and would like to donate a blanket, you are most welcome to join us. The money will be donated to Foundation-Maternal and Child Health.

I am hoping to collect 100 quilts for sale. If you would like to donate a quilt, or know of anyone who may be interested in donating a quilt to my project, please contact me through this site for the details.

Please like to help me spread the message.

Quilts 2

Here is one donation. It is made by a Rotarian in Orange. It is a snuggle rug made of polo fleece. Sooooooo cuddley and soft. It is gorgeous.




RIVP Jennifer Jones

Congratulations to newly elected Rotary International VICE PRESIDENT JENNIFER JONES RI Director 2015-17 and member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada District 6400.Jennifer was the keynote speaker at the last Rotary Florida Presidents Elect Training Seminar.

We know talented people when we see them.




Kenya to destroy ivory stockpile with Hollywood stars.

Ivory Burn 2

Kenya said Tuesday it will torch its vast stockpile of ivory at a star-studded summit to include Hollywood celebrities, presidents and business leaders against “poaching and illegal trade in ivory.”

The fire will be eight times the size of any ivory stockpile destroyed so far.

“Kenya plans to use the occasion to torch as many as 120 tonnes of ivory, the largest stockpile of ivory ever destroyed by any country, as proof of our commitment to zero tolerance for poaching and illegal ivory trade,” presidential spokesman Manoah Esipisu told reporters.

Kenya said “several” heads of state were expected to attend, along with Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman, and business tycoons George Soros, Paul Allen, Howard Buffet and Michael Bloomberg.

Others Kenya expects to attend include conservation icon and BBC legend David Attenborough, British musician Elton John, as well as former basketball star Yao Ming, who has led campaigns in his homeland of China to raise awareness of the damage elephant poaching causes.

President Uhuru Kenyatta set fire in March 2015 to a giant pile of 15 tonnes of elephant ivory, which conservationists said then was the largest ever burned in Africa.


 20 tonnes of blood ivory set alight by President Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya in 18/7/1989


“Beyond the symbolism, Africa is losing one elephant every 15 minutes to poaching for the ivory trade. Wiping out the trade includes ending demand for ivory, and this begins with destroying stockpiles. Government’s routinely destroy other contraband, ivory should be no different. As an illegal product, it can’t be put back onto the market yet stockpiles along with legal domestic trades create confusion, ambiguity and doubt, making law enforcement extremely hard. Holding onto stockpiles, with the aim to sell at a later time, only creates the impression ivory is a legal commodity. No other products from lucrative illegal trades are sold on for demand reduction efforts, and monitoring of the protection of stockpiles requires funding that could be better spent on anti-poaching or demand reduction programmes.

Destroying stockpiles is the first step. As well as symbolism, the act tells the world that illegal ivory is not tolerated. We call on other EU countries to follow suit immediately, commit to destroying their stockpiles as a first step and go further in banning domestic legal markets that only create confusion.”

RAG-EndangeredSpecies_Standard logo (1)





Loo Braai

Perfect for a Rump Steak!!!




“Elvis” reincarnated on his last birthday




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