Paul Harris Speech from 1933

From a good friend on ROTI Arthur (Art ) McCullough

Past President Escondido Sunrise RC , in Escondido,California.

Thanks Art.

Dear Friends in Rotary, back in about 2000 a ROTI member in South Africa
was visiting a Rotary friend in his home and as they looked in the man’s
desk they found a small plastic red insert page for a magazine that had a
recording CD that was a copy of a speech the Paul Harris made during the
Rotary convention in 1933. The ROTI member ask on our communication list of
600 members worldwide if anyone might be able to do something with it. I
immediately asked him to send it to me to see if my Son Jeff might be able
to copy the speech and allow us to do something with it. Jeff’s business is

Jeff was able to spend many hours removing as much static and excess noise
that allowed us to reproduced it onto CD’s to be played later , We were
able to send a copy of the speech to the Rotary history Fellowship so it
is on line on their web site. Another new ROTI member from Northern
California then added visual effects and photos of Paul that make it more
interesting. Here is that video now on youtube ,you can copy and
use it any way you wish so that more Rotarians etc. can see it below: