Coolamon Rotary Bulletin #2122-42


Meeting of Monday, 23rd May

This week we were back at the Sports Club with Gilbert catering.

President-Elect and Past President x 2 Paul Weston was in the chair.  13 members attended and no guests this week.

We had some excellent discussions including an idea from Dick Jennings to get 30 highly visible vests with Coolamon Rotary printed on them.  These could be modelled on the ones that Temora RC have had made and printed in Temora:

We have received invites to a number of changeover dinners.  Our own changeover dinner will take place on 4th July at the Coolamon Sport & Rec Club at our usual dinner time.  See the listing of changeover dinners below, after the Diary.

Members were reminded to consider attending the premiere viewing of Top Gun/Maverick at the Forum  in Wagga Wagga on 26 May at 7 pm. Tickets are $20 and net proceeds will benefit the All Ability Dragon Boat team in Wagga. [Editor’s note: Those who attending the viewing on Thursday were not disappointed; it was a gripping plotline with amazing footage of modern and vintage military aircraft.  – PW]

The meeting concluded with a brief fine session led by stand-in S@A Dick, who admittedly had little advance notice to compile noteworthy fines.  The raffle was won by Leslie. Members enjoyed an extended bit of fellowship after the formal proceedings concluded.



*N.B. You are always welcome to bring guests to most of our meetings, just advise Ian Jennings if you want to bring a guest along when you respond to the weekly dinner roll call!

Monday 30th May – Regular meeting. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7 pm.

Monday 6th June – Regular meeting. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7 pm.

Thursday 9th June – Board Meeting 7.00pm at the Sports Club

Monday 13th June – No meeting (public holiday).

Monday 20th June – Regular meeting. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7 pm.

Monday, 4th July – CRC 51st Changeover. Coolamon Sport & Rec Club, 6:30 for 7 pm.

Friday, 15th July – Sustainable Farming Field Day. 9.00 am-3.00 pm Details in this bulletin.

Tuesday, 2nd August – Larapinta Trek (benefit for ShelterBox) (with Garth Perkin, Mary Potts and Don Dyce).

Larapinta Trek 2022 for ShelterBox

Saturday/Sunday October 1st-2nd – Gears and Beers (Wollundry RC).

Friday-Sunday 21st-23rd October – District Conference.  Joyes Hall, CSU campus, Wagga Wagga (details forthcoming). [NB The district conference will be moving to an October timeslot as of this year, which is why we’re having two district conferences in 2022).

Friday-Sunday 28th-30th October 2022 Rotary Zone 8 Conference (Canberra).

Rotary Australia New Zealand and Pacific Islands Conference



Lions Club of Coolamon: 17th June 6.30 pm at the Marrar Café.

Temora RC: Saturday 25th June at the Temora Golf Club 7.00 pm.

Junee RC: Sunday 26th June 12.30 pm at the Ex-Services Club in Junee.

Wollundry RC: Tuesday 28th June 6.30 pm at the Wagga Wagga RSL Club.

Narrandera RC Wednesday 29th June 6.30pm at the Narrandera Golf Club.

Wagga Wagga Sunrise RC: Tuesday 28th June 6.30 pm at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant in Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga RC: Thursday 30th June at the Wagga Wagga Country Club 7.00 pm.









Answer to the last Puzzlers: 

Easier one: Apologies, but this one only works with American pronunciation, in which the word ‘herb’ is pronounced ‘erb’ (for some reason, ‘herb’ and ‘herbal’ are pronounced with a silent ‘h’ in America). With that in mind, the three words are pronounced differently when their first letter is capitalised.

Harder one: The man has three daughters: one redhead, one blonde and one brunette.

This week’s puzzlers: 

Easier one: A red house is made from red bricks. A blue house is made from blue bricks. A yellow house is made from yellow bricks. What is a green house made from?

Harder one: How can you boil an egg for exactly 15 minutes using a 7-minute hourglass and an 11-minute hourglass?





Rotarian Adrian Lindner is our club’s Environmental Representative and together with PP Ian Jennings are organising a sustainable farming day on their respective properties.  Details below:
1. Ian Jennings (a past President of Coolamon RC) is also the Chairman of Coolamon Landcare, CRC Environmental Representative and Treasurer of Coolamon Landcare.
2. Ian and Adrian have hatched an event to bring a rural landcare focus to Coolamon Landcare, which has mainly had an urban and town focus to date.
3. Bidgee North (the northern arm of Murrumbidgee Landcare) has taken on the role of facilitator for a sustainable farming field day on Adrian’s and Ian’s farms on Friday 15 July, 9 am to 3 pm. Adrian undertook a 14,000 tree and shrub biodiversity and forestry plantation in 2007 which will be the focus of the visit to his farm. Arian’s farm is on the Malebo range that forms a green corridor along the range from Pomingalarna to The Gap and then on to Coolamon and straddles the range between the Gap and Coolamon and is classified as endangered box grassy woodlands. In addition, Adrian been working on farm dam health with some initiatives. Ian has worked on shelter belts and tree plantations along fence lines that will be the focus for visiting his farm.
4. Speakers for the field day include Kevin Chapin (Biodiversity Conservation Trust), Richard Beggs (ANU’s Sustainable Farms), Rob Kuiper (ex CMA and LLS), Jeremy Crocker (Riverina Eastern Noxious Weeds Authority) and Dale Stringer (NSW Drought Hub and Murray LLS)
5. Adrian and Ian hope to have up to 40 attendees at the field day, the goal of which is to inform rural landholders and managers on sustainable farm best practice and to learn from our successes and failures.

More Information is available — ask Adrian or Ian for a flyer.

“A fabulous initiative, Adrian. Well done to all concerned and it looks like Coolamon RC will come on board. Please promote the initiative by posting on our “Rotary D9705 Environmental Community” Facebook page for all to see.”


David W Brawn 

Past District Governor, Rotary District 9675

District Leader, Environmental Envoys Team, Rotary District 9705













Graphics by Debbie Vance from Canada.





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