Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #09

Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #09

Be a Gift to the World



Every club needs new members in order to be vibrant and active. New members introduce new ideas, bring fresh perspectives, and extend your club’s reach in the community.

Club members might be interested in joining a Rotary Fellowship or Rotarian Action Group, where they can have fun: • Sharing common interests or hobbies • Working with others in the same profession to make a difference • Making friends around the world • Exploring new opportunities for service

Join a Rotarian Action Group RAG


Join our “own” RAG for Endangered Species RAGES. 



Last night we had another great turn out of members and guests.  Our guest speaker was Past President Phil McIntosh from the Rotary Club of Wollundry.  Other guests were Gabby and Bill Thompson fellow climber Alex Thompson, Di, Marilyn Jennings and Helen Lewis.

Announcements included:

Cool Grass will be in Coolamon and we need volunteers for breakfast on Sunday 13th at Garth and Marg Perkins home.  Garth Perkin reported on the Australian Rotary Health Foundation meeting in Wagga Wagga.

Dave McKinley mooted the idea of Moo Poo which was well received.

Only one entry for the bulletin prize which was wrong and the member did not attend the answer was 80.  Sorry Rod!


Phil Wollundry 1

Phil is the CEO of Commins Hendricks Solicitors and spoke on the upcoming cycling event that Wollundry are organising for Sunday October 4th.  Wollundry are looking for our club to supply 12 marshals for the event which will be coming to Coolamon.  Details can be found here:


Gears and Beers

Phil went on to give a great talk on this exciting festival and how it came about due to falling income from their weekly markets in the Myers car park in Wagga Wagga.  The idea has taken shape and this year will be bigger and better and raise around $30,000.

Phil pointed out that Wollundry have raised over $2.6 million since their charter, still a young club however the largest in D9700 with around 80 members.  Their Wine and Food Festival is renowned as are their monthly farmers markets.  However Phil says that to stay relevant a club must continue to evolve and take on new ideas.

Wollundry have been great supporters of our Road MAPS to Africa projects and have donated many thousands to our projects in Africa.

This year the Gears and Beers cycle run will have a new category called The Dirty One Thirty sponsored by RAPHA Clothing. (The World’s Finest Cycling Clothing and Accessories).

There are 5 categories in this event and all are timed to finish at the opening of the Beer and Cider Festival.

Rtn. Dave McKinley gave a vote of thanks to Phil.

Phil Wollundry 2

PP Phil receives a Kangaroo money pouch from Dave McKinley.

Following Phil’s talk there was a short video shown on the PHFs presentation in Hout Bay last Tuesday night.  A full story follows in this bulletin.



Our team from Australia and representing Coolamon Road MAPS to Africa projects climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in August 2007.  10 of the team of 16 reached Uhuru Peak at 19,340 feet high.  We also had 4 reach Stella Point.  We raised over $75,000 on this climb.  How time flies!

A Team at the Summit Mandy-on-Kili-4-734829 Mother of All Mountains RFFA on Top of Kili524 Amboseli 506 Amboseli

The Climbers:  Anna Khuzwayo, Sharon Daishe, Narelle Rodway, Craig Corrigan, Bob Kendell, Tim Jenkinson, Mandy Watson, Linda O’ Neill, Kate O’ Neill, Kathryn Gettingby, Belinda Nowland, Quinn Hart, Peter Sparks, Michael Dorrian, Mark Horton & John Glassford.





Coolamon Rotary through our Road MAPS to Africa projects and in particular the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, recognised PP Butch Liebenberg with a PHF Sapphire pin.  We also recognised Sister Esther Carolus from Coolamon House in Hout Bay with a PHF.  There will be a full report in Bay Breezes the bulletin from our twin club enclosed.


Butch Sapphire Pin

President Peter Dutton (with collar), presenting PP Butch Liebenberg with his PHF Sapphire Pin.  To Butch’s left at the rostrum is PP Patrick McLaughlin PHF+1.



Bay Breezes Hout Bay August 31st 2015


Diary Reminders

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September.  Canberra Australian Rotary Success Conference & Youth Summit 2015 At the Hellenic Club.

*Monday 7th September Guest Speaker: Steve Exton “ Something Interesting”

Friday-Sunday 11-13th September Cool Grass in Coolamon.  Volunteers for breakfast caravan duties on Sunday 13th morning at Marg and Garth’s Home.  Details will follow.

Saturday September 19th.  Rebuild Nepal Spirit of Community.  Speakers Marg and Garth Perkin at Allawah Community Centre at 3.00 pm.  With the Coolamon Dance Whisperers.

Thursday 10th September BINGO Roster: Grahame Miles (Captain), Garth Perkin, Dick Jennings, Dave McKinley.

Monday 14th Fellowship Meeting followed by the September Board Meeting.

*Monday 21st September Matt Quade: “Security in Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia- A Hands on Experience.”

Sunday October 4th Gears & Beers Festival and Cycle Run by Wollundry Rotary Club.

*Monday 5th October NO MEETING Labor Day NSW Holiday.

Saturday 24th October Coolamon & Ganmain Hospital Fete at Ganmain.

Saturday 24th October World Polio Day.

Monday 26th October AGM and Election of Office Bearers for 2016-2017.

Friday November 6th Light the Night Leukemia Foundation in memory of Greg Armstrong.  Details to follow.

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th April 2016 D9700 Conference in Wagga Wagga.

Saturday 28th May 2016 – Wednesday June 1st Seoul RICON South Korea  Seoul 2016

*Partners and Guests Night.

Apologies for Monday meetings call Ian Jennings on 0428 492 157  BY FRIDAY 12.00 pm.






A doctor and his wife were having a blazing row at breakfast. He shouted at her “You’re not very good in bed either”. With that he stormed off to work. By dinner time he had calmed down and decided to phone his wife to apologise. He rang her and after about three minutes she finally answered.

“Why did you take so long answering the phone “

“I was in bed”. 

“What were you doing in bed this time of the day?”

“Getting a second opinion.”





I visited Rotary club members in Reno, Nevada, where I attended a District 5190 dinner and visited Veterans House, a project supported by local Rotary clubs.

Ravi in Reno 1

 Ravi in Reno 2

With Rotarian CEO Noreen Leary at Veterans Guest House, a special facility that provides free accommodations to veterans and their families receiving treatment at an adjacent veterans hospital. Great involvement from local Rotary clubs.



GR 01

 DG ARH 01

Australia Rotary Health held very successful workshop last week, introducing three of our Indigenous medical Scholarship holders and outlining their dreams for the future. Each of them comes from Broken Hill and is studying at Charles Sturt Uni here in Wagga Wagga. The night was a perfect opportunity to have them all together as they were doing practical sessions on campus.


Taylor Degoumoi, Julieanne Hall, and Joanne Scoble all expressed their thanks to the sponsoring clubs, and outlined just what this meant for their future.  There were more than 40 Rotarians attending,representing a great number of clubs who were within reasonable driving reach, and all went home with a feeling that the programme was well worthwhile.

If you would like to sponsor an Indigenous Student, it is just $2500, which is then matched by ARH and its sponsors.
Six clubs from 9700 currently sponsor students, which is excellent.

It is very interesting that there is more than 93% of scholarship students who are able to graduate, which is outstanding.

District 9700 Web Site


UN Day


Rotary’s relationship with the United Nations dates back to 1945 when some 49 Rotary members acted as delegates, advisors and consultants at the United Nations Charter Conference. Today, Rotary holds the highest consultative status possible with the United Nations as a non-governmental organization.

Rotary and the United Nations have a long history of working together and sharing similar visions for a more peaceful world.

In 1942, Rotary clubs from 21 nations organized a conference in London to develop a vision for advancing education, science, and culture after World War II. That event was a precursor to UNESCO. In 1945, 49 Rotarians went to San Francisco to help draft the UN Charter. Rotary and the UN have been close partners ever since, a relationship that’s apparent through PolioPlus and work with UN agencies.

“The invitation to Rotary International to participate in the United Nations Conference as consultant to the United States delegation was not merely a gesture of good will and respect toward a great organization. It was a simple recognition of the practical part Rotary’s members have played and will continue to play in the development of understanding among nations. The representatives of Rotary were needed at San Francisco and, as you well know, they made a considerable contribution to the Charter itself, and particularly to the framing of provisions for the Economic and Social Council.”


Rotary International Convention 2016 SEOUL.

Seoul 2016

The 2016 Rotary Convention is your chance to meet Rotary members from around the globe. You’ll reconnect with old friends and make new ones while exploring different cultures and exchanging ideas for a better world.


Something for every Rotarian

Whether you’ve just joined Rotary or are a longtime club member, our annual convention will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Rotary. You’ll make personal connections on a global scale, discover new ideas for making positive change, and return to your club inspired and energized to take action. All this and the chance to explore Korea’s capital, Seoul.

Seaoul pic 1

The Seoul convention will be a unique experience highlighted by once-in-a-lifetime activities arranged by the Host Organization Committee:

  • Tour Korea with local Rotary members
  • Enjoy stirring music and dance performances by local artists
  • Show off your talents at the Rotary Family Talent Contest


The Kintex Exhibition Centre Seoul where RICON 2016 will be held.




This week a major signature for the Say No! Campaign in Jeremy Irons.

Jermey Irons

Jeremy Irons says no. A legend in our books. A total honour to have him on our campaign. A man with a big heart and a big voice. From “Save Ireland’s Forests”,“Climate Revolution”, abolishing the death penalty with “Amnesty International” to his work with “Greenpeace – Save The Arctic”, and his epic narration for the amazing films “Seeds Of Freedom” and “Trashed”, which we adore, the list is endless.

His input in changing the world for a better place is outstanding, especially the plastic and pollution issues of our oceans and world. We can’t praise it enough.  An incredible man. Thank you Jeremy Irons

Welcome aboard Jeremy!


Elephants Tsavo

Aren’t Tsavo’s herds awe-inspiring?

Home to Kenya’s largest herds, right now, the Park is experiencing its dry season – typically a time when poaching activities increase.

It means we’re deploying the full force of our Aerial Support, Anti-Poaching Teams and Mobile Vet Units in the fight to keep these wondrous pachyderms safe. Find out


RAG-EndangeredSpecies_Standard logo (1)






Not photo shopped:  I used to know a man in Nairobi who rode a zebra into town, a bit eccentric but he could ride.






G.S.E. Group Study Exchange.

Those of you who have been in Rotary for a wee while will remember the G.S.E. programme of the Rotary Foundation.   We had many such visits form G.S.E. teams and I am sure you will remember the Scottish team from District 1010.  I have kept in touch with all 4 members of the team and last week Anne Sutherland wrote with a photo of her brand new twins.  I do miss G.S.E.

GSE in Coolamon 4

L-R , Jamie Harrison, Team Leader Peter Farr, Amanda Ingram, Mark Bryce and Anne Sutherland.

Anne's TwinsIMG_2702

Feel so thankful and blessed to have created the most amazing little humans in the world. We are choosing not to put pictures on Facebook so this is our one and only. Rosanna on the left cuddled into Roxanne on the right. Lots of love Anne xxxxx.




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