Coolamon Rotary News Bulletin #1617-28

Week of 6 March

This week’s meeting was a club assembly.  Not much exciting to report, but a fair bit of business was taken care of. The evening concluded with a fine session and meat raffle, which was won by Leslie.  Members were asked by Grahame to come and have a go at bingo this week, and the two members who answered the call (Dick and Leslie) were nicely rewarded (both left with more money than they came with!). 

We have some interesting meetings coming up.  This Monday’s meeting (13 March) will feature a guest speaker in Liz Summerville, who is representing the Australian Livestock and Property Association.  At the following Monday’s meeting (20 March), we’ll be inducting (or actually, re-inducting) Bruce Hamilton, a former member (and president) of the club who left a number of years ago but is returning to the fold.  On hand to help with the induction will be DG-elect George Weston and AG Bryan Short.  In addition, we’ll have as special guests Jackson Wykes and his parents as well as Outward Bound students who will share their experience of living abroad for a year.  Jackson is our nominee for Rotary Youth Exchange, and the members are looking forward to meeting these special young people.


DGN John Glassford and wife Susan are pictured above cutting cake at the Rotary Club of Wagga Wagga celebration of Rotary’s 112th birthday recently.  John was the guest speaker and represented the DG at the event.  Just another day in the life of a DG-to-be!


On the lighter side

In case you were wondering where sheep could be found in Australia, take a gander at the map below prepared by cartographers in Mother England in the 1920’s.  The level of precision is simply remarkable!


A lesson in overindulgence

After the fifth night in a row of carousing and late night drinking by her husband, Jack, Marge had it.  She decided to teach the scoundrel a lesson.  After Jack stumbled in and fell fast asleep on the sofa in the lounge room, Marge got to work.  She dug out the bag of sheep entrails she had been saving in the fridge, and dumped them in the sink.  After that, she went to bed and off to sleep.

The next morning, when Jack stumbled groggily into the kitchen, Marge said “It looks like you finally did it.  You puked your guts out last night.”

Jack replied “I know, but thanks to God and the help of a spoon, I got them back in.”


The puzzler

Okay, we need an easy puzzle after last week’s toughie. See if you can answer this riddle:

An old man wanted to leave all of his money to one of his three sons, but he didn’t know which one he should give it to. He gave each of them a few coins and told them to buy something that would be able to fill their living room. The first man bought straw, but there was not enough to fill the room. The second bought some sticks, but they still did not fill the room. The third man bought two things that filled the room, so he obtained his father’s fortune. What were the two things that the man bought?

Answer to the last Puzzler:

The jumbled animal names were COYOTE, WALRUS, JAGUAR, BEAVER, DONKEY and FERRET.



*Monday, 13 March: Regular meeting. Guest speaker: Liz Summerville, Australian Livestock & Property Association. 6:30 for 7:00 pm,  Coolamon Sport & Rec Club.

*Monday 20th March YOUTH EXCHANGE .  Jackson Wykes, our proposed 2018 Youth Exchange student, and his family will meet AG Bryan Short, DGE George Weston and at least 2 Outward Bound Students who have returned from 12 months abroad.  In addition, we will be re-inducting Bruce Hamilton as a member.

Wednesday, 15 March: Board meeting (Don Dyce residence). 7 pm.

17-19 March, 2017: District 9700 Conference, Orange.

30 April, 2017: District 9700 Assembly (All Directors), West Wyalong High School 9.00am

10-14 June, 2017: Rotary International Convention, Atlanta, GA, USA.

*Partners and Guests Night

Apologies for Monday meetings: call Ian Jennings on 0428 492 157  BY FRIDAY 12:00 pm.